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Puppy on the brain

Last night we had our first puppy escape.  Domino and Neil had gone on a walk, and while on a busy street she got spooked by a bus and popped her head right out of her collar.  Neil called me from a parking lot on the edge of a woody creek where he'd basically (mostly) cornered her, and I had to ride to the rescue with treats to lure, and then grab our shifty slippery dog.  You wouldn't think it would be that harrowing, but sadly Austin drivers do not look out for dogs.  Needless to say she won't be walked along that road again until after she's completed her obedience class (and possibly not again when she's walking with Neil, period).

It's funny how fast I went into full scale alert when I heard the slightly frantic tone of my beloved's voice on the phone - I pretty much dropped everything and crisis mode was on.  Not that it was a huge crisis, but we certainly have a better idea of her previous life now, and possible reason why she was on the street to be sheltered in the first place.  She was fast, and unrepentant, at least until we got her home.  Then she was looking for reassurance because she could tell we'd been scared by the whole experience. It made me glad we'd microchipped her (although I know that's not a gaurantee, but still, it is a safeguard). 

Sometimes it seems like bonds with pets are so strong, and yet this just goes to show how fragile these things can be.  Not that Domino's completely bonded with us - she's only been with us for a month or so, and although I think she has a great time here, I'm not quite sure if she's completed the whole "you're my pack and my family" circut in her brain yet.

All's well that ends well though.  And speaking of animals, here's a way you can support the ASPCA (for no cost):

Pledge to Fight Animal Cruelty
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