my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

hello shit week

it was supposed to be fantastically productive and instead it's been fantastically crappy.

Instead I got a frantic call from my advisor asking me why i hadn't applied for scholarships and grants that were due on friday and spent the entire friday writing, fixing, applying, etc.

Saturday was me and summer school applications - pretty much all day.  Gave myself the night off, though, and worked on some fandom things for spring_with_xan.

Sunday there was some wrapping up, and coffee with lostgirlslair and TF, which was goodness in and of itself. 

Monday it rained.  Cold, forbidding rain.  The kind of rain that makes you call in sick or stay home in bed, wrapped up in a book and drinking a cup of hot chocolate.  So instead D. and I went up to campus and got things printed out for my applications, dropped off a few, and hunted around Target for storage boxes.

Tuesday felt like Monday - oh, sure, sunnier.  But there were missives of doom from my old Japanese professors - they don't want to recommend me, nor do they want anything to do with me, really.  It's sad when I wasn't *that* crappy of a student in their classes.  Really, I wasn't even mean.  But that capped off a lovely day, let me tell you.  The only nice part of it was that Neil and D. went to the store and brought home fresh salmon and veg for a bbq, which turned out delightful, even if we didn't use the smoking plan we'd prepped.  Wednesday  I came down with something and spent most of the day sleepng and waiting for my throat to feel less like sandpaper.  Me and Terry Pratchett reacquainted ourselves with eachother.

Speaking of Terry Pratchett, if you haven't heard, he was diagnosed with a rare form of alzheimers, and has donated a million dollars to their research.  And there's a fan movement called Match it for Pratchett that hopes to raise a matching amount as a show of support for the awesome author:

Match It for Pratchett

Then there was yesterday, the "I'm trying to get work done, really" day where D. and I ran up to campus, grabbed rec forms from professors, went to wallgreens to get some stuff to mask the cold symptoms for me (yay, i guess), went back home, printed more stuff, went back to wallgreens - because who else knew that Wallgreens has DHL and you can send internationally there??  Not me!  Except, of course, you know, now I know.

Today has been a cluster fuck of monumental proportions as I managed to bundle myself into a pile of nerves about how dirty the house was (and how sick it was making me feel) and then take it out on everyone around me.  I'm hiding in the bedroom right now so I don't do more damage.  And trying to read Donna Harraway and think productively about my 10 page paper that must be written today and tomorrow.  Fantastic stuff.
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