my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

a jumbled mix of completely unrelated things

Is that my headspace right now?  Possibly.  It is also the Monday-space of the week back from spring break.  It is the definition of a girl who's typing on her brand spankin new fluffy computer (well, it's not the *exact* same model, but you get the idea).  Yes, the tax man gave me back some money and what did I do?  I spent it on electronics.  It's a weird weird weird world. 

The weekend was spent in halves - Saturday I papered.  Sunday I backed-up and loaded and restarted and installed and, oh, yes, originally went to all the stores to actually buy the new computer.  I was still configuring and crunching and munching as of 1:30 last night, trying to get my bearings on a new sea of different keys and strange things like battery life.  And vista.

Today, though, I count a success - I've managed to get up, make it to class, be informed, be fed and watered, write a short second paper, and now I'm moving back to the biggie that's due tomorrow.   I did however manage to forget my headphones so I can't actually listen to the film - but that's ok as the soundtrack is often more of a jarring distraction than a help. 

Huh, looking back on that, I'm not sure all those things were totally unrelated.  Surprise, surprise.
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