my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
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LJ Content Strike

What is the strike for?

+ LJ was censoring keyword content for their advertisers.  Keywords censored: Sex, Boys, Guys, Girls, Fanfiction, Yaoi, Hardcore, Porn, Bondage, Faeries, Pain, Depression, Bisexuality.  Although this filtering has been removed, and LJ claims it was a mistake, the misrepresentation of this corner of the blog world is distressing.
+ LJ has removed the opportunity for new users to create a basic account (they can only have "plus" accounts w/ads or pay for subscription).
+ LJ's Anton Nosik gave an interview about the efficacy of a strike (the fact that it won't be effective) and is forthright about the SUP's opinions of the LJ community.
+ What the strike *hopes* to achieve
+ Another post w/more info

Why am I participating?

I don't believe in crossing picket lines in my daily life, and although it is increasingly clear to me that the vocal userbase probably has some fairly unrealistic expectations of LJ, it is also clear that the LJ owners have some completely unrealistic views of the LJ community.  Perhaps this will do something to get their attention.

What will this accomplish?

The stated goals of the strikeout are above (second to last link).  The actual result will probably not be as widespread as the organizers hope - that's also why I'm posting this and hoping others on my flist will consider taking part.  But if you choose not to, that's your decision as well.

I am very tired of feeling as if LJ, and the Buffy fan community presence on LJ, is going to end/go away every couple of months.  My fatigue makes it hard to believe in change.  My frustration with the LJ organization just gets bigger and bigger.  At the same time, very few of the new policies put in place on LJ over the last two years have directly affected me or my friends list.  No one I know, no one in the larger Buffy community that I interact with, has been banned or censored.  The main policy that affected users was the adult content filtering that was turned on, and although it requires several more clicks to get to a page (and at one point had an error in the code that disallowed age verification).  The rest of the time, frankly, that people have been distressed by changes, they were theoretical/ideological issues.  They still are.  Also, the Buffy fandom operates in a very small, and continually shrinking, corner of this big lj world, and as much as I like to hope that fandom has the power to change the universe, the realist in me knows that we, as btvs fandom, are not loud enough or big enough to register on the radar.  But the idealist in me says that it's better to light a candle than curse the darkness.  So we'll see.  this is me flicking the bic once again.

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