my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

Random Kate-life Picspam

Ash, being adorable.

More cuteness.  He's really not this cute all the time, but I think he tries to make up for all of the bad behavior with moments like this.

Neil & Domino at the "Puppy Easter Egg Hunt"  There were doggie treats in all of the eggs.

A closeup of my bamboo in their new planter.

Domino with her (now defunct) favorite squishy toy: the ape-bear (with red stitching from a first repair)

The beautiful flowers of spring!  We have one plant that is just so excited to get rain and sun that it's exploded with flowers.

AWW!  Kisses!!  A man & his dog.

A girl and her dog!  We realized there weren't many pictures of me with the puppy, so, now there are.
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