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Translating for an entire day can tie your brain into knots of subject and objects, yet there's a little bit of a transcendant quality to three pages of text I put into english.  I had to take it in bits - a paragraph at a time - and this woman I'm translating is practically certifiable.  But there's something about the way she thinks that I like anyway.  That was Monday: no class, no audited class, just translating.

Tuesday jammed itself up.  Morning of the girliest kind.  I chopped off half of my hair and it's so much better for this climate.  Makes me happier, looks more stylish, uses less shampoo, everything.  D. did the same with her hair, except even more fantastic (she has a much shapelier head than I and can handle all those fierce short cuts).

Midday we got an HD TV!  *pause for consumerist glee*  Or, well, watch your boyfriend do it.  It's not one of those monsters that covers half the room, but instead fits in our existing entertainment center (by literal millimeters).  And Oh Dear God it's BEAUTIFUL.  Of course this means we have to get the HD DVR, since our "lifetime" Tivo plan doesn't transfer to Tivo HD (they were so cute, but now they've just become another evil empire). Thus consuming begets consumption begets the search for more consumables, and on and on in an endless cycle.  I don't know if I'd call it life, per se, but it's damn pretty TV.

Afternoon was all about Chan-wook Park, whose movies I want to grope they're so sexy.  It's possible that he's using motherhood in Sympathy for Lady Vengeance to basically domesticate the narrative of the violent and vengeful woman.  On the other hand, he's playing with styles, messing with fairy tales, narrating national traumas, and besides, we all really liked the movie (in the warm fuzzy sense of the word).  Without realizing what I was volunteering for I got to sit through another showing of Juon, and as much as I like talking about the film, this is the third? fourth? time and ... I'm bored now.

Wednesday's Classical Japanese was a completely useless class to audit - he talked about the class papers for 50 full minutes.  On the other hand, the rest of the afternoon was a resounding success since D & I found beautiful summer-time dresses.   We're now completely kitted out for the wedding and have pretty things to wear when it gets hot.  So what did I do?  Of course I wore one of my new dresses today - and luckily it was beautiful, in the 90s, and worth it. 

So, after that, I productively made it through Freud's "A Child is Being Beaten" (which I actually wish I'd read last year, because it would have helped with my spring paper, but oh well), Jordan Sand's paper on the Tokyo Museum (he's coming to talk tomorrow), and two articles in my horrible little book on Japanese Horror Cinema.

At this moment in time I feel theoried out.  Yet somehow I have to finish the Arjun Appadurai "Modernity at Large: Cultural Dimensions of Globalization"  and write my response paper on it by Monday.  EEK.

Today was the marthon session of a meeting with my Asian Horror film prof and my advisor - I get to rewrite my film paper, and I get to rework my translation, and although there's nothing wrong with my progress for both of them, it's still an emotionally taxing feeling to have your two professors one after the other get you ... working that brain, and working it hard.

That being said, tonight we get FRIENDS!!  Our friends Ryan & Kelly are flying in for the wedding of the year, so we settled down, caught up, and tucked everyone into bed.  It should be a damn fine weekend.

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