my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
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My Unpopular Opinions

You guys are actually curious!?  Thank you!

sl_podcast asked about Buffy:

I thought Tara was a totally creepy stalker for most of Season 4.  The whole "peeking out from between her hair" thing, combined with her instant adoration for Willow made me think she was going to go insane at any moment and lock Willow up in a closet she couldn't escape from.  (It's only post-show, through elizabuffy  and through fanfic that I've reconsidered that.)

Now, this is just at odds with my flist, but I MUCH prefer Jonathan to Andrew.  By like, times a billion.

I really really wanted Riley/Willow. 

I liked Buffy having the angry!dirty!sex with Spike, until it was less bout angry!dirty!fun and more about woe is me (which, I think, may have been an interval of less than one episode).  But I love the idea of dirty!angry!sex on tv, and I loved the idea of Buffy just wanting.

wickedfox asked about Scrubs:

Ak!  I put this one in here and I'm not sure if my opinions are unpopular or not.  But no, I definitely don't hate Dr. Cox, don't worry.

I do, however, kind of despise Carla.  I just don't think she adds much and I'm a little bored by much of her scenes/story lines.

aesiron asked about Firefly and Angel

Firefly:  I never thought Mal/Inara were the perfect couple - I like them separately, but Mal is way to mysoginistic for me to be comfortable with the way he treats her.  They are not star-crossed lovers.

Angel: Oh boy.  The Kate storyline was stupid.  The Connor storyline was stupid (the only good that came out of it was scruffy-Wes).  The taking over Wolfram and Hart storyline was the biggest mistake of them all, and completely annoying.  I'm not actually sure if these are unpopular, but I firmly believe them. 

I never got the fuss about Fred (and not just because I like Gunn/Wes, because I hadn't even thought of the pairing until years later).  But Fred as a love interest for either man was just too pat.

soft_princess asked about CSI

I don't like Brass.  I don't understand about people who love him (sorry guys). 

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