February 20th, 2005

b/g - in the library


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b/g - in the library

The Buffy Sing A Long

Honestly, I can say that last night was everything it promised. In other words: fucking fabulous. I personally think every town in the country should take over their movie theatres and put this lovely idea into action.

First off, though, the scary part of the night was the beginning, when we weren't sure if we were going to get in because it's a small theatre and we hadn't bought tickets in advance. We're standing there, waiting in line, listening to the people around us, with me getting more fussy and fidigety. Then a guy with a clipboard walks by, counting, and we were among the last 25 people allowed to get in the door. PHEW! Unfortunately, this meant we weren't able to actually place an order (this theatre actually serves alcohol & munchies during their movies). And, tragically, we didn't get to sit together. But at least we made it.

So the great thing was, before they showed OMWF (that's the Buffy Ep Once More With Feeling, for those of you who don't know - all 2 of you :D), they showed a 'warm up' of the Zeppo (another ep. you can look it up if you're curious), so there was sillyness and laughter and cheering from the beginning. There's something great about being in a theatre with 200 (maybe more?) people who all get as much a kick out of something as you do. Then there was bad movie-karoke like acting during the intermission - they played 5 minutes from the second part of Innocence, and people actually acted out the Buffy/Angel scene. Bizarre, but funny none the less. Not surprisingly, there was much over acting. Surprisingly, there were prizes.

Finally, after all of that, we were given instructions on precisely HOW to watch the musical. Usually I balk at directions, but it wouldn't have been half as fun without them. Ever been to Rocky Horror? Well, this may be the Rocky for our generation. In fact, it should be. Highlights of the directions (full PDF here for those of you who'd like to start your own, or who can't get enough of the idea, or who are just curious):

- Okay, obviously everyone should sing along to every song. If there are boy parts and girl parts, divide yourselves accordingly, singing along with whichever gender you identify with at the moment. [and everyone did! an entire theatre, men too, actually singing the songs!]

- I'm Under Your Spell - blow your bubbles (yes, they handed out tiny bottles of bubbles) to fill the theater with the same magical aura we see on the screen! At the end of the song, everyone yell out what Tara's last line in the song should be: "Come!"

- Walk Through the Fire - Lighters in the air

- Where Do We Go From Here - Feel the love. Take the hand of the people sitting next to you. If you're at the end of a row, find the hand of someone in the row ahead of or behind you. Everyone in the theatre should be connected by one long chain of hand holding, and we should all be swaying. At the end of the song, when Buffy kisses Spike, feel free to make out with the person next to you, too.

People, get out there, and if you don't already have a theatre doing this, use force. I promise, it'll be worth it.