March 1st, 2005

b/g - in the library

got my fingers dirty this weekend

Yeah, I kind of wish it was in a naughty way too, but instead, it was all about dirt. Real dirt. The kind that squishes through your toes when it's wet, and smells great when it's tossed. Dark, packed tight, almost clay in consistency. That's what I started my garden in this weekend.

Two garden stores yielded up their contents to us, with pony-tailed women as guides to fragrant and fuzzy plants. And we've decided that we're planting an herb garden. No oddly bushy plants for us, unless they have sweet smelling leaves. We filled the back seat with pairs of lemon balm and rosemary, oregano and chamomile. And stacked the trunk high with fertilizer.

We walked it all into our back yard, and I realized for the first time the strange immensity of space. It's only a 36 x 25 foot yard, but when you're working with a small shovel and your bare feet, even a 4 x 4 plot is a little daunting. But my toes got dirty, my knees got dirty, my hands sorted weeds from soil and spaded little places for my babies to grow. And now, in one little corner of our yard, there are a couple of rows, and it looks like it could be a garden. It's weeded and turned, fertilized and planted.

Not everything's in the ground though. The light gave out on me. I'll have to wait till the sun rises tomorrow.
b/g - in the library

the blind leading the blind

Or something like that.

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So I get the homework assignment for this current test, and it's only one question. I think 'yippee!' there's no way I can fail to find the information he wants us to find. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Two solid hours of online research later (and yes, you doubters, actual research, not me plunking in websites in between responding to email, but search after search after search), I decide to give it up. 2 hours of astrobiology, and I can't find the reference to F. Hume anywhere. I find a whole lot about the origins of the universe. Wacky, weird, wonderful, informative information, but nothing, absolutely nothing pertaining to some mythical groundbreaking discovery that happened late last year. I give up. I figure, who cares if I miss that question, right?

We received an email tonight. He'd misspelled the name.