May 2nd, 2005

b/g - in the library

done with the "making flashcards" portion of studying

Now comes the "learning what's on the flashcards" portion of studying. And for those of you who disdain flashcards, I was one of you until I had to learn 150 native plants of Texas for a test tomorrow. And all the TA does is take us out to a nature preserve, point to a plant, and say, "What's this one?" Pretty pictures of plants are my friends.

Yes, I will be posting these inane updates now that I'm in my last week. Aren't you excited? Isn't that fun?
b/g - in the library

not many flist posts

You all must be doing homework too? Yes? No? Maybe I just live in my own little world.

Actually, I know I live in my own little world. It's pretty here. Most of the time.

Girding myself to call the mom in between studying. Yay!