May 5th, 2005

b/g - in the library

Need your help with an LJ lexicon

I am horribly behind responding to people who so kindly responded to my last couple of posts. Not that I don't love you - just that I'm trying to be a good girl and study while the studying needs doing. Sorry!

And, actually, I have a favor to ask of my flist. I'm doing a very simple linguistics project - I have to make up a lexicon of a specific group (lexicon = the vocabulary of a person, group, subject, or language; also, the total morphemes of a language). Live Journal is *way* too rich a field for me not to use it. So, what lj specific words do you use? Not ones that are defined by LJ, but ones that we all make up and use every day. Think slang terms.

Some examples of what I'm looking for:

flist = A single page containing the most recent posts of all the people a specific live journal user has linked to (within the live journal system)
defriend = the act of removing a friend from one’s flist
tag-fic = A live journal that is a story written by two (or more) authors who take turns entering posts that further the plot. The journal exists only as a story, and doesn’t include an diary-type entries (unless that is part of the format of the story). Usually takes months to complete, and although the story-arcs are prearranged by the authors, but the individual posts and the events in them are written by one author.
kerfluffle = Noun: an fight carried out between people whose only method of communication is live journal; usually starts when one user writes a post that is accusatory, then the second user responds to that post with a rebuttal and encourages friends to participate in responding. It may also include a post in the second users’ live journal defending their innocence, and the first user’s friends making nasty comments on that post. Generally the fight involves quite heated comments, and is often started over misconstrued intentions that are blown out of proportion.

All I need is five more ... any help?? I'd snuggle you forever - or make you the icon of your choice....