May 16th, 2005

b/g - in the library

the kate update (no fic this time)

I just realized it's been ... days... since I've actually put something up here. Something other than fandom related bits and bobs. I love fandom though, because it's there when life is boring.

And, frankly, right now life is just a little quiet. I'm done with school until classes start up on June 2nd.

This is not to say there aren't things happening, but they're of the quiet kind. Chores I completely ignored for the last half of the semester, forsaking them for studying. Yes, now I can finally vacuum. And reading for pleasure - I'm doing that again.

Although I've got to resist the temptation to go online and order myself a bunch of new books. I found that I've read everything (or most everything) in the house that I want to read. And those of you who've seen the bookshelves should know that's kind of a feat. But, if I get motivated to put something other than sweats on, I may have to actually venture out to the bookstores to get NEW BOOKS sometime soon. And then I'll read, for fun and joy and the excitement of words, instead of for interest but with a deadline hanging over my head -- you know, the classic school deadline of 'must read this book today so you can talk about it in class tomorrow!'

We did do something luscious last night though, to celebrate my quasi liberation from a course schedule. We had fondue. In a restaurant. With a cheese course (actually, it was a spinach & artichoke cheese course... mmmmmmmm). And a meat and veggies course (done in a coq au vin fondue. So worth it), and a chocolate course (chocolate with pecans and amaretto flambe). It was scrumptious. It was probably enough food for four people. It was totally goofy and fun, and by the end of it I was so full I had trouble making conversation. That's scary. It's me.

So, other than that, life trundles along here. And I'm off to do more of those sexy chores.