May 30th, 2005

b/g - in the library

Summer Fun.

It's been a lovely summer vacation so far, filled with way too much free time for frolicking and goofing and silliness. We went bowling on Thursday night, and I managed to have the lowest score ever (I think in one game I actually didn't break 50).

Last night was Minor League baseball - yes, we saw the Round Rock Express (and yes, that is a baseball team). It was actually fun. We sat 11 rows away from home plate (for $10) and if we'd felt like it our "hey batter, batter, batter, SWING!" would've actually reached the ears of the batters, and could've quite possible bugged the crap out of 'em. But we're mostly polite fans and we try not to do that kind of thing. At least, we tried this time. Who knows what will happen later in the season?

The seats were close enough that we could actually see the veins on the Iowa Cub's Manager's neck when he decided to pick a fight with the umpires and get thrown out of the game. He was going to pop a gasket. He used swear words. Know how I know? I could read his lips. Yep, that close. He used lots of swear words. Cursing is alive and well in Minor League baseball (actually, probably alive and well in many other places too). We cheerfully booed him out of the stadium.

We'll go back though - night games in Texas are beautiful. The sun sets behind fluffy clouds, the air is lovely and soft and warm. And hopefully next time the baseball players do a little better playing baseball. There's still hope. We're still rooting for the home team.

Tomorrow (well, today, just later) we will be BBQing. It's a BBQ extravaganza. More on that later.