my monkied brain (katekat1010) wrote,
my monkied brain

wait, you mean to tell me i have a lj? and i can post in it?

Sometimes I actually feel that way - too wrapped up in what else is on lj to remember to make my own contributions to lj. 

Too, my contribution to lj right now consists of massive delight over the signups at summer_of_giles .  It continually amazes me that fandom is filled with so many fantastic people, and it's so nice to grin my head off at the number of people coming back to sign up again this year, and then grin my head off in an entirely different way at the new people who are signing up.

Ok, and this post.

There was much doing of things this weekend
  • going to Friday's lecture on Korea
  • vet visit where the dog's ears finally got ok'ed for business,
  • lunch/afternoon margarita with some friends of the boy's parents (who were delightful company), 
  • cleaning the house a little (hey, the new vacuum actually works to pick up dog hair)
  • reading the rest of my two theory books to help with the presentation tomorrow,
  • watching my two films (narrowed it down to two) for my presentation tomorrow,
  • installing the correct software to be able to screencap and bookmark said films (for my presentation tomorrow... sensing a pattern here?)
  • picking up D. from the airport to welcome her back home
  • dropping by the neighborhood bbq to introduce ourselves to the actually nice people living three houses over
  • finishing my abstract for the Asian Studies Regional conference
  • getting together with my panel to finish our panel proposal for same conference
  • working on my translation

not too shabby for a weekend's worth of work, I think.

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