February 5th, 2006

b/g - in the library

The business of the day!

(phrase gakked from mishloran - thank you lady)

+ Read The Ritual Process: Structure and Anti-Structure by Victor Turner.  Create some kind of an oral presentation on said book so I can lead my GRAD class in a three hour discussion.  Yes, I am slightly frightened, since I'm volunteered to be the first student presentation. 
+ Write my Japanese composition - 400 characters on a famous actor.  Yes, I did choose Johnny Depp.  I was hoping I'd be inspired to wax rhapsodic and would have an easy time of it.  Who knows, it could still happen!
+ More Japanese homework (I haven't really looked at it, but I'm sure there's something... oh, and the Quiz on Monday too, which is probably a grammar quiz, knowing my luck).
+ Goverment reading - how sad is it that we're basically using a highschool text book?  I know this class is one 90% of students take their first year, but ... a highschool textbook?  UGH.  The entire thing drives me nuts.  At least next week I'm going to talk to the professor about outside reading, and will probably soon be armed with a copy of the Federalist Papers, to read for the first time, as geeky as that sounds.  Because even though I'm a dilligent little monkey, and I do my reading, the whole party line of "this is the government, it's composed of three branches... " crap that comes from the book is just annoying.

Sadly, I should've started on all of this Friday, so I woudln't be stuck trying to accomplish the entire set of stuff in a day.  But I am a lazy lazy procrastiinator, and it was way more fun to have Yvette & Joel & Peter come over for movies on Friday night (and discover that our DVD player is just a little touchy with blockbuster DVDs - we probably shouldn't have been renting from blockbuster - it may have a few moral quams about supporting them - we finally had to relent and get a VHS tape out to watch.  But it was good to expose more people to Love Is A Gun anyway.)  Saturday day was spent puttering, trying to get the house a little ready for Neil's parents to come next week, and Saturday night Ariel came over with fondue and I inflicted Underworld on her (which was fun, gorey, and fun again - I really do just plain *like* that movie).  So the weekend was great fun, but a total wash on the homework side.

A brief word on Love is a Gun  (and the craptastic reviews it got on IMDB)

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