February 17th, 2006

b/g - in the library

the many pronged splendor of life

it's been, what, like a month? (ha, more like 4 days, but I can't count) And I've forgotten what I did and didn't say last.

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Now, what else have I been doing?  Well, I should've been preparing for the 5 tests I have coming up.  And I was, to a certain extent:  Studying Japanese grammar online.  Doing American History reading.  Making a list of my Sufism terms (79 terms!  79!!!) to remember SO FAR.  It's not really entertaining, but it's a start.  Next week I have 2 tests on Monday, 2 on Tuesday, and then a final one on Friday.  I guess I'd better get back to it.  At least my TA said I wasn't so bad when I practiced my Japanese with her this afternoon for our oral exam on Monday.woot