February 26th, 2006

b/g - in the library

do I really have to study now?

I survived!  5 tests last week, and my brain is still intact.  It is, however, more interested in playing than in working, and I've got homework for this next week to do.  Sigh.

It's been a lovely totally lazy weekend.  We went grocery shopping and stocked up for the winter, bascially, then took ourselves out for dinner because we didn't want to cook anything we'd bought on Friday!  Sadly, there are only 5 restaurants that are open past 9 pm in this town.  It's frustrating moving from someplace that had anything open any time of the day to a place that basically rolls up shop when the sun goes down.  I'm sure there are little hole in the wall places open closer to the university, but that's just a pain of a commute when we just want to pop out for dinner.  Luckily the place we chose was quite scrumptious and totally hit the spot.  They did, however, have this weird policy of not seating people at perfectly open tables (when they had a line out the door and a waiting list) that left us bemused at their tactics.  It's not as if people were leaving though, so maybe it's their strategy to keep it looking busy?

Ooo!  We had a terrorist scare here!  I know, I shouldn't be using exclaimation points, but I am because I'm finding the whole thing a little bizzare.  Apparantly a young woman on campus found a weird substance in a roll of quarters when she was doing her laundry and, along with washing her hands, she called the police to come see what kind of white substance it was.  Initally they found ricin (apparantly a biological weapon like anthrax ... the symptoms do not sound fun), but this morning they're saying that initial test was wrong, and it was nothing at all.  Yay for the toxin-free campus!  Check out more here if you're truly interested.

I was WAY more pissed off about South Dakota, though.  I've had my head stuck in the sand for a while on the news end, and didn't realize that THEIR CONGRESS PASSED A LAW TO OUTLAW ABORTION!! Dammit.  This kind of thing drives me absolutely fucking nuts.  Not only because they're doing it so they can force the issue up to the Supreme court now that Alito's there and they think they're sure of the results, but because they outlawed ALL instances of abortion, even those for rape victims and incest survivors.  What the hell are they thinking??  Ok, actually, I know what they're thinking and I abhor the reasoning behind it.  For me it's all about CHOICE and they want to take that away.  And these are the people who are also for capital punishment - if you're so goddamned fired up about the sacredness of all life, why not be consistent??  Anyway, supposedly it's not going to make it up to a higher court, and if it does they'll shoot it back down again, because that's what the courts have traditionally done, but it's still something to be conscious of.  Check out the LA times article if you want to know the full details.

Besides getting riled about what's happening out in the world, I made an absolute butt-load of graphics this weekend, and had a bunch of fun doing 'em.  Since they're for specific stories and not sharable, I'm debating if I should post them here or not, but probably will eventually just to have 'em all in one place.

Today, though, today is about rewriting my Sakubun (japanese composition), and reading the Religion and Ritual book. And I'm like a five year old who's told they have to take a bath:  I don't wanna!