April 8th, 2006

b/g - in the library

on piffing

"piff" is such a spectacular word!  It rightly describes 90% of my life.  Piffed online.  Piffed around with Photoshop.  Piffed after my test.  Piffed around and watched TV.

It's as if the word is a bit of a get out of free card, explaining that I wasn't just playing online, watching TV, playing with Photoshop.  NO, I was PIFFING while I was doing those things!

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Actually, what's been running through my head is this conversation with my body, where I say things like, "Hey!  Where did my chin go?" and it looks back at me innocently, as if there's nothing wrong. 

I try again, "Look, I know it was there a couple of months ago, I have pictures to prove it!"

In some nonverbal way it replies, "Yeah?  Pictures huh?  Look closely, and you'll see we've been working on this hostile takeover of the space between your nose and your neck for years.  Oh, and don't close your eyes, becasue we've also started working on your neck and cleavage... you're going to get wrinkles there, my dear"  And then, for some totally random reason, I hear this wicked cackle, like the Wicked Witch's laugh. 

I keep wondering to myself about how my body turned from a quiet and noncommittal compatriot in my activities to this demonic thing I keep looking at with confused eyes.