April 10th, 2006

b/g - in the library

So, here's some truly intellectual discussion of what we do (IE: You write fanfic? Read this.)

Actually, that should also say (IE: You know someone who writes fanfic?  You know someone who reads fanfic?  Read this.)

(linked from shehasathree):

The subject of this paper is the emerging genre of internet fan fiction, and the way in which women, the primary authors of such fiction, are using the paradox of cyberspace--personal privacy in a public forum--to explore feelings and ideas denied them in the past. Its specific focus is on erotic stories inspired by characters created for TV and film that fans have appropriated for their own narrative purposes. I am going to suggest that the protection and freedom of cyberspace is enabling these writers to defy many of the social taboos that have inhibited self exploration and self expression in the past, and that the implications of this phenomenon can inform our understanding of the social, psychological, and literary uses of cyberspace.

[full text of article here]