April 11th, 2006

b/g - in the library

monkey business

School:  Well, I got an 81% on the Sufi test!  That's up from the last test (with 44%, I think).  I was well pleased.  The downside, sadly, is the Professor also announced today that the final exam is cumulative.  And primarily on the reading.  I suppose it gives me something to do when Neil's away next week.

Live Journal:  It's a whole new layout, baby!  Actually, just a new banner and some new colors and new fonts.  I'm too addicted to "Tranquility II" to let it go, apparantly, since I tried half a dozen other styles and always came back to this one. 
...Oh, and if anyone is an LJ MASTER who knows CSS, and wants to tell me how in the heck I make my "header background color" transparent (or, perhaps, give me the code, since I have no clue about CSS programming and I'm too lazy to learn - lazy, but honest!), I would worship at your feet.

Reading:  I'm re-reading the Lord of the Rings.  I do it every couple of years or so, just to keep my hand in, remember all the incredibly long sentences and all of the things I absolutely cherish.  I think my writing style is forever influenced by J. R. Tolkien, Frank Herbert and Robyn McKinley.  The three of them will forever define what it means to tell a story, and how to do it.  That means I'm probably too long winded, have strange mental leaps that no one else can follow, and have terribly awkward and occasionally lyrical sentence structure.  All in all, traits that aren't so bad.  At least I always have something to say.

Statement Of Purpose:  Dear gods, I've got to get more than three paragraphs down!  I wish I could simply dictate this to someone and they could tell me what I need to do.  The other frustrating thing is I keep composing these fabulous little intros in my head as I walk to and from the car, and then totally forgetting about them when I get home in front of the computer!  It's terribly frustrating.  And you'd think I could talk ad nauseum about what I want to do, definitely enough to fill two pages.  Maybe I'll go and do a freewrite and see if I can do just that.

Happy Tuesday to you all!