April 18th, 2006

b/g - in the library

I'm here, really, promise

Ok, first off, I owe about a million comments back to y'all.  I'm terribly sorry!  I have been in non-respond mode for about a week and don't seem to be getting out of it for a while.  But I am reading!  And eventually I will get back to my usual self.

Nothing of unusal note has happened - no monkeys have taken over the county (or the classrooms), no revolts have occured with my computers (the mechanical revolution is coming, but it hasn't made it yet, apparantly).  There have been no divine revelations, no calls from eternity, no moments of freakish personal growth.

In short, life has been exceedingly routine.

Sure, Friday, there was the delightful joy of Yvette and Peter coming to visit, a movie that was funnier than I thought it would be, phone calls with Tyler (no, I'm not going to be watching Farscape, at least not at this point), new shoes, cuddling on the couch (with Neil!  duh!) and some kitty lovin'. 

Of course, there's been school angst, and the completion of a first draft of my Statment of Purpose, tests that I got Bs on, work on the Japanese group project, homework, visits with professors, reading.

But beyond that?  Waking up, going to bed, eating, weathering the heat.  Dragging my way, kicking and screaming, through the end of the semester.

*massive hugs to you all*