August 26th, 2006

b/g - in the library

my last weekend of goofing around...

...and there's nothing to goof around with!  No one on my flist wrote fic for two days!  (or, sadly, no pairings that I read.... I am both a pairing ho and a fic snob rolled into one... lame).

I made some new winners banners for Contest 39 and Contest 40 at beegee_icontest, so there's a bit of a change.  And lostgirlslair, congrats!!

I suppose if no one's going to write anything, I'll have to go write fic myself.  Hopefully that'll give me something to publish soon.  Stranger things have happened....
b/g - in the library

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1. I have an eye phobia that is so bad I can't watch scenes in movies where people are operating on/doing things with their eyes.  And friends have regularly freaked me out by simply touching the bottom of their eye lid (you know, to clean things out and such).  Yet, I have no problem wearing contacts or putting things into my own eyes.

2. The only color I've painted my toes in the last 10 years or so is blue.

3. I have a huge soft spot for pretty but cheesy monster movies like Underworld and Queen of the Damned. 

4. I only own one pair of pants - i totally prefer skirts.

5. At a rough guestimate we have more than 1500 books in our library, and I've read 90% of 'em.

6. One of my favorite birthday presents is a medieval flail.  I've never ever used it (nor would I) but it's just cool having it.

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