August 30th, 2006

b/g - in the library

once more into the fray....

I keep feeling like I'm diving into a big pool, going back to classes.  Tonight is my night to stand on the edge of the diving board and look down at the water, and hope it's deep enough, but not too deep.  Tomorrow... tomorrow is when I take the deep breath and leap.

Tomorrow I have not one, but two Japanese classes to go to!  I'm petrified that I've forgotten everything I learned last year over the summer.  Hopefully I'll remember how to write my own name.

Tomorrow is also the birthday of my very own sweetest boy!  So after school, and a couple of hours of work, I get to take him out to celebrate with our friends.  We will be consuming lucious quantities of indian food and cookies for dessert.  And there will be presents!

I'm hyper and excited and petrified about this semester - not that anyone seems to expect me to ramp up super fast with the graduate studies (since I can't even officially delcare my masters specification until next semester) - but I'm worried about balancing job and homework, and life too.  That probably just means I'll spend less time in front of the TV.

And less time on LJ too, I'm guessing.  But, it must be done...