November 17th, 2006

b/g - in the library

ouch - where did you come from?

a man hit my car today, with me in it.  I'm fine - a few aches and pains, nothing permanent or anything like that, just ... he and i were both in lanes to turn left (me in the outer, wider turn, him in the inner) and he tried to go straight and went straight into the rear passenger door on my side of the car.  NOT FUN.

First I was just enraged, and worried that it would take too long for us to exchange info and that i'd be late for Japanese (becuase I was already running late anyway) and then a police officer pulled up behind and I guess I went  directly from annoyed into shock because then the tears started piling up behind my eyes.  I wrote down my info and gave it to the cop, he gave me a form and i completely forgot to get the info from the guy who hit me or the name of the cop or anything. 

By that time it was too late to get to class and take the quiz, and besides, I was beginning to cry and not able to quite make myself stop so I drove back home and did the responsible thing and called my insurance and tried to call the police station to get the name of the cop, at least.

It was an exercise in discovering that stress makes my reactions slightly out of proportion to the situation.  And dear gods I did not want to have to deal with the insurance and the broken car and the crap.  But what happens happens.