February 25th, 2007

xander - excited

bathroom fun!

Ok, whoever said it wasn't fun to break stuff, wasn't having any fun.  And yes, I do confuse myself sometimes.  But, I'm not confused by this - we started our bathroom renovations this weekend!  Yep, we are now officially home owners who *do* things.  So far,  however, all we've done is break stuff up and tear stuff apart.  It was totally a blast.

We ripped out the sink, tore apart the sink cabinet (and yes, Neil fell in love with the reciprocating saw, and even I was a little starry eyed after using it), emptied the toilet, and yanked up the tile.

Oh, a word of warning, don't ever use those 1000flushes (or any other) toilet inserts to keep your toilet clean.  It will block up the pipes by leaving deposits, and eventually you'll have to replace the toilet.

And then there was our little master bathroom.  Not only did we use one of those drop ins, but we forgot to take it out after the plumber came and we stopped using the toilet.  So the little tablet percolated in the tank of the toilet.  Percolated, foamed, and turned everything blue.  Including us.  But not just blue, no, we had the delight of being both blue and septic (or radioactive, or toxic, pick your own description there).  Luckily we were planning on replacing the toilet!

So, after getting done with most of the tear out, we discovered the reason why they tell you to shut your main water off if you're removing shower/tub fixtures!  Luckily we realized it before the fixture was pulled completely off.  And when we called a hault to our demolition (pending water shut-off) we also made a new executive decision.  We were getting terribly ambitious thinking we'd pull the fiberglass shower/tub and build a full shower with step for soaking in it's place.  We decided *not* to do that.  It cuts our costs in half, and better yet, it cuts our build time in about half.  Ok, yes, we still have to live with a bath/shower that we kind of hate, but there are worse things (those things being one student who totally forgets to do homework because she's building a shower, or two people going crazy because they have to put in this complicated piece of tile work including layers of backing so it doesn't leak).

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now, onto the online stuff...Award Congrats!

I have the most talented flist ever!!  Seriously, the Bodice Ripper Awards (Round 7 Reader's Choice & Round 8) came out and OH MY GOD YOU ALL GOT AWARDS!

So, congratulations go to (among the many others too):

antennapedia , xdawnfirex , elizabuffy , glimmergirl , kivrin , pixelleate , savoytruffle , scratchingpost1 , secondalto , soft_princess , twilightofmagic

You're all frigging talented and I'm super happy both to have you on my flist, to be able to read/look at your work!  

NOW, for those of you who got awards, I just finished making them for scratchingpost1 tonight... so, if you want, here are your award banners:

Also, I have to thank everybody who voted in the Reader's Choice awards!!!

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