May 3rd, 2007

b/g - in the library

not trying to cast the first stone... really

I've done it.  I know I've done it.  I've complained about certain aspects of fic writing, of certain things I see happening over and over, or things that people do that drive me nuts in fic.  And where else is most appropriate to put that than in my own journal (my supposed posterboard to the world that really ends up being my own little corner that only half the people read)?

At the same time, every time I read a new entry by an author about what really drives them nuts in the fic world, I'm wondering - man, why should I write when someone's going to take a look at my fic and say those very same things about me?  And the defensive side of me dredges up the old 'let ye without sin cast the first stone' (note the caveat here - i'm not religious most of the time, except to acknowledge that I'm going to hell.  really).  Because as far as casting stones go, we're all implicated.  We all have our little self indulgences.  That's what fic is about, to me, indulging one's "what if" fantasies (be they porny or gen) and finding out what happens. 

But when someone criticizes a whole genre of fic because most writers don't do what that individual wants them to?  I keep going back to the maxim:  there is NO perfect fic out there.  There is nothing that will satisfy everyone.  One person's peeve is another person's joy - be it linguistic joy, characterization joy, plot device joy.  It's all someone's joy.

Sometimes I think it's the tone these kinds of entries take that make me feel defensive - even if that tone is unintentionally in there.  The tone that says "I don't do this in my writing, and my writing is the perfect example of what I'd like everyone else to do" while they're complaining about some aspect of others.  Gotta say, people, NO ONE IS PERFECT.  Everyone has their handicaps. Even if you're making sure you don't include any of your own pet peeves, you're going to tread on someone elses'. So when these rants of "oh my god everyone else does this and it's wrong and I'm at least right in this one way" entries... it drives me FRIGGING NUTS.

I'll admit that I'm being harsh. I'll face up to the fact that I'm basically pointing fingers and whining. It happens. I don't expect anyone to stop doing what they're doing because of me. In the same way that people have the right to grumble about fic they think is less than perfect, I feel like I've got the right to grumble about the commentary, right?