May 12th, 2007

cordy - kiss me quick

done! done! done! don-ity, done, done!

I just realized that I'd bounced up and down about it, but I hadn't written my official I'm DONE live journal post!

And I'm done!  It was a 10-page Japanese final.  Yep, that's right, 10 pages!  But it's over now, and I've turned in all of the papers and written all of the kanji!  Yay!

What's left now?  I have 24 days until I go to Japan!  *bounces* *whimpers*  There's so much to do before then, and I'm making plans to do it.  All starting Monday.  Because I thought that I could at least take the weekend off to celebrate the lack of that spooky feeling every college student has in the back of their heads that means more homework or tests or something on the horizon.

Last night I got taken out for mexican food and margaritas as a little end of the semester I made it through alive celebration.  That was yummy, and fantastic!  And all due to my handsome boyfriend, who kinda spoils me, but who doesn't seem to mind!  Today I slept *IN* without worrying that I was missing study time.  And we saw Spiderman 3.  I have some thoughts about that I may put in another post, if I'm motivated, but all in all, pretty fun for a summer movie.

For tonight?  I'm hoping to finally get back to all of those nice comments people left me - especially fic feedback - and make some graphics.  Yep, that's right, graphics!  Oh how I missed y'all!

ETA: If you're an icony person and bored, the most recent beegee_icontest closes tomorrow - we need entries!  Check it out?

ETA2: summer_of_giles signups are closing soon!  We have SO many fantastic people signed up to write (and some even on multiple days...soooo cool!).