May 16th, 2007

xander - excited

I love Rob Brezney

Nothing makes me feel better about adventures than my favorite horoscope writer....

"There can be no transformation of darkness into light and of apathy into movement without emotion," wrote psychologist Carl Jung. That should be your motto in the coming week, Libra. Clear thinking and impeccable logic will not be sufficient to guide you to your next great adventure. You need the driving force of succulent emotion rising up in your solar plexus, the lush power of raw sensitivity piercing your heart. Feel as deep as you dare."

I think I can muster some succulent emotion right now!  Especially since this morning my cup floweth over - I got a B in Japanese!!!!!! 

It's definitely the little things that make me happy.  Well, ok, that's rather a big thing.  Especially with the final counting for 17% of the grade - it had me worried.  Worries are now only left for my Mass and Pop Culture class, and really, no matter what I get there I'll deal. 

I haven't done much of anything the last couple of days.  My modus has been to sleep in extravagantly late, goof around for a couple of hours, eat lunch with my boyfriend, goof around in the evening, stay up too late and read bad fic, make graphics for friends and for the_jossverse (I'll post a redux here later today, I think), and think about finishing the writing on my own fic.  Total slacker.  I've gotten in contact with some of the people I'm going to hang out with as I detour to LA (on my way to Japan).  Oh, and chores - can't forget that I've actually done chores!  But not many, and it's mostly been a revolving load of dishes.  Why haven't they made a magical dishwasher yet?  Or one that puts dishes away as soon as they're clean?  I'm waiting for that day.

We had amazing thunderstorms last night at about 4 am - and I was up and awake to see them crashing into the house, dumping rain out of the sky.  Our little outside kitty is a tough trooper and the only difference with him this morning is that he seems cleaner.  Nothing wrong with a spring rain washing everything clean.