May 19th, 2007

xander - excited

Graphic Squee! and pimpage

Ok, so, first off, someone nommed me at the SOTHAs for the Xander/Riley banner I made for xanzpet 's fantastic set of X/R ficlets (if you haven't read them yet, they're AWESOME and NC17:  Second, Linger, Nadir) !  Thank you, you crazy darling!

And, also, this is kind of a semi-self-pimp.  I've been configuring lj layouts for people lately, and wanted to post a list of everything I've modded so far.  SO, here's the list (to be added to as I do more):

_xangel (a Xander/Angel shipper comm)
musicatwork (a Tragically Hip lyrics challenge comm)
beegee_icontest (a Buffy/Giles icon comm)
fall_for_spike (a seasonal Spike comm)

finally, dunno if you like/read Xangel (but if you do, you probably already know about the comm).  Just in case... PIMP!

[user info] / [join] / [affiliate]

i hope everyone's having a fabulous weekend! i'll post on mine later...
b/g - in the library

the_jossverse redux: my artwork

Under the cuts you'll find 8 banners - Dawn, Illyria & Wes from my postings for the first two rounds at the_jossverse), and a Xander/Angel banner (and matching icons for 'em all).  Don't know why I've been into banners lately, but I have.  If anyone wants them customized, I'm happy to add text to any and all!

Behind the second cut you'll find two Buffy manipulations I did the other night.  They're not worksafe, but they were a mighty fun set of pictures to put together.

teasers: .

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sometimes, model and actress just come together, you know?

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