May 25th, 2007

_felix the baby

not a good kitten day

Neil took Felix to the vet's this morning when she woke up - she's been through 'episodes' before with us, where she vomits for a couple of days, then recovers (and trust me, we've run her to the vet's then, but they generally have been able to tell us nothing, or dire things like she's gonig to live for three more months - and that was about a year and a half ago) but this time she got too dehydrated.

Too dehydrated and weak and so he took her in, and at six tonight we went to pick her up and take her to the emergency overnight pet hospital since that's what you do when your pet hasn't recovered.  She was a little more hydrated - enough to put on .09 lbs - but not enough to stop worrying or to take her home or anything like that.  Instead they measured her temperature and found that it was going down (also not a good thing for cats), so they immediately got her into an incubator and put her back on the iv so that she can continue hydrating and so she can get her temp back up.

So we had to stick our hands through the holse of the incubator to say bye tonight.  And, in a more hopeful thought, when we did see her she was sitting up and more aware than she had been before, so hopefully the warmth and the fluids are working.

It's her 13th birthday today.