May 29th, 2007

b/g - in the library

it felt like the sky cried with us... now there's sun peeking out from the clouds

We spent Saturday mourning.  It rained all day.

We decided Sunday that we probably shouldn't spend it the same way, so we went to breakfast, and then to pick up some things for my trip, and found that we could talk about Felix a little bit.   It still rained.  All day.

Yesterday, though, we went out to grab some groceries, since we were finally recovering our appetites.  The rain was letting up.  On a hunch, I suppose, I took us to the PetCo.  And they had kittens.  And we took one home with us.  And his name is Ash.  You can see what he looks like here.

We needed this. I can tell, because not only is today sunny, but we're both doing better.  It was so hard on Sunday to come home and not have Felix be here.  And although Ash is already a totally different cat than Felix was, he's helping - we remember the good about our most precious lady cat, and he is reminding us that there's more good out there.

And I'll be able to leave for Japan knowing that there's a feline person watching over Neil.  That's important too.

ETA: fixed the gallery link... sorry about that :D