May 30th, 2007

b/g - in the library

Um, just a thought

...instead of asking via cyberspace for a response.... why not go direct?

Six Apart's press contact (as listed in their most recent press release, dated today):
Jane Anderson
Mobile: 650.440.0450
Office: 415.344.0056 x 107

I've already called and left a message. This might be a better way to get an official response from Six Apart/LJ about the mass LJ deletions than having to leave comments on the latest lj news posts.

ETA: please pass this on if you feel like it, or link back, whatever to get the word out
b/g - in the library

broken record.... ow.

+ I was in a hit & run today - the guy slammed into my rear bumper.  I'm fine, the car's kind of mostly ok, and the guy who hit me?  took off before I could even get the license plate #.

+ got money from UT financial aid today to pay my tutition (becuase they'd incorrectly charged me tutition instead of paying it to me so i could pay the Study Abroad program).  It was nice having them cut me a check for a change

+ I've made a Greatest Journal Account and tried to find y'all there... I hate this whole business, but I'd rather not lose any of you, period.  So, I'm katekat1010 if you want to find me...

+ completely disheartened that SixApart finds time to respond to Cnet but not to us.

+ if you don't know about it already, and you're a fandom person, please join fandom_counts

+ the kitten is still UNBELIEVABLY cute.  I've added more pictures of the cuteness starting here

+ The Japan Countdown has FINALLY become real!  6 MORE DAYS TILL I LEAVE FOR JAPAN!   It's real because we got our final orientation packets today and all started emailing and introducing ourselves.  Sounds like I'll be doing lots of drinking.  Big surprise there!