June 2nd, 2007

b/g - in the library

Can't stand the cuteness

Ok, so it's three days till I leave for LA (and then onto Japan).  THREE DAYS!  OMG.

Today I actually bought things I'm going to need for Japan... generic guest gifts (called omiyage)... luggage (yep, i now own big girl luggage, woot!)...shoes for walking around Japan...and crazy things like shampoo and girlie stuff just because I'd rather take what I have than have to worry about finding it right out. 

It was a busy run hither and thither kind of time, but at least Neil tore himself away from the kitten long enough to accompany me to the mall.  Apparantly my boyfriend is a mall rat at heart.  I'm reminded of it sometimes, but not terribly often.

We've decided that my last night in town we're going to Ranch 616 for dinner, just because it's my last night in town for two months.  The idea of that still staggers me.  I have absolutely no idea how to pack for two months.  Two weeks, sure, but months?  I've set up my library as a staging area to collect all of the silly things I think I'm going to be taking with me.  A backpack full of electronics, a bag full of girl things (face wash and the like), a suitcase full of clothes.  It seems like so much and so little at the same time.  Tomorrow's the final laundry day.  I'm trying to pretend that I'm leaving on Monday so that way I'll still have time for all of those last minute freakouts where I tear my  hair out and have to whip out to the store for that must have american item that i'm sure never to find in a metropolitan city like Tokyo.  /sarcasm

There are TWO things that, today, are the supercutest ever:

1 - I received the most adorable bon voyage package today from my darlingest elizabuffy !  It was filled with maps and guides to Japan (and one to her home city ... and EB, Neil says that it would be kind of cool to visit someday, so you might have to deal with both of us!).  And it was in the cutest packaging ever.  I swear, EB's a closet Japanese girl.

2 - the cuteness that is Ash!  OMG.  I'm sorry, I know I'm boring everyone with these, but .... LOOK AT THAT TONGUE!

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