June 21st, 2007

b/g - in the library

Mobara: The Rollercoaster

I'm back!  Back from the wilds of Mobara - it's so hard to explain in few words the ups and the downs that have happened in the last week and a half since I've checked in here.  Especially since I've been so very up at certain points and so very down at others.

So first off, they told us on Thursday of the week before last what our homestay appointments were goinig to be - and I was the envy of most of the girls as I was placed with a family of two parents and a four year old little boy.  Apparantly every woman here wanted little kids to play with.  It didn't make that much of a difference to me, on the other hand.  What did was that my homestay family was the same exact age as me (I mean the couple - Yukari and Makoto).  I was worried and a little scared in seperate turns that they weren't going to want someone as old as me, that they weren't going to be happy with my Japanese speaking ability, something like that.

But Megan (my next door neighbor and best friend here) and I put all those worries away and went back to Yoyogi part the next Friday afternoon to walk around the Imperial Iris Gardens.  I cannot explain in words how fantastically beautiful the afternoon was.  They have probably a couple of thousand iris growin in this valley in between the huge trees of the park.  We were there for a couple of hours, in time to see the sun start to set, and just enchanted by every variation of purple and blue and white, every petal shape and new name. 

That night, since our Saturday move to Mobara began at 7:15 am, we got to experience the joys of Japanese laundry.  Actually, laundry isn't so bad - but the dryers really don't dry anything.  Luckily Megan and I had purchased some lovely laundry line at the 100 yen store, so our rooms finally took on some personality with our clothes hanging around in them. 

That was also the first night that I noticed my mysterious rash.  My right leg looked like it had a bug bite - but one going quietly septic and making my ankle swell.  I was concerned, but not overly so, and Megan had some zyrtec since she's allergic to everything, so I took that and threw myself into a couple of hours of sleep hoping to wake up and have everything be alright for the trip out.

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And since I have to go to a hall meeting now, I'll leave you all with that for an update.  The trials and tribulations of the rest of the week will be forthcoming.  Just to place you in the time frame - I'm still on Saturday in terms of narrative.  Yep.  Just you wait till I get to Tuesday.

(oh, and for those who are worried, everything that was wrong is fine now.  We're back at NYC, my leg has cleared up - more on that in the next post - and we're back at school.... but that's all another story)