July 7th, 2007



Ok, first off, I take it back - I am totally remiss in saying I have three loyal readers - it seems there are more of you out there who are willing to put up with my endless babbling about Japan!  Massive hugs to you all for slogging through it (and LG, I just suck. You are awesome. And so are LillianV and Nalesse for giving me good advice! Thanks guys!). 

When last I posted it was Wednesday... and nothing really happened for a couple of days.  People got sicker and dropped out of class like flies, and then it was Friday and we had a class field trip to Tokyo Daigaku (Tokyo University - it's the #1 Ivy League college of Japan... and goes by Todai for short).  Since we're working on directions right now we actually had to stop and ask directions from train station guards over and over again - it was fantastic.  Ok, not really.  And since our professor hadn't actually been there before once we got on campus we had to ask for a place to get food and ended up in a cafeteria, and then ... we were done.  No tour.  No visiting a classroom.  Nothing.  I have some pictures of the campus though - it's pretty and very much a university anywhere.

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And in just a couple of minutes I'll do another photo post so keep your eyes peeled.