October 24th, 2007

b/g - in the library

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Eye-opening adventures happend online today - I did a quick Graduate Student requirements check today and it seemed to indicate I'd completed all of my master's requirements.  Well, all but the thesis, of course.  A short stop in the East Asian Stuides Advisor's office confirmed my findings.  That's right, I'm actually DONE with every class I have to take as a master's student! 

Upshot of the conversation?  Fear, shock, joy, terror.  Now I've really got to buckle down and actually write my thesis!  I've got to talk with my advisor tomorrow about what I'm going to do for spring - theoretically I can finish my thesis in a semester but realistically I'll be at UT for another two semesters (which I knew, in concept, but ... the reality?  having it confirmed?  FAR more daunting). 

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After having two weeks where I really felt like I was dropping things left and right I feel like I'm finally back on track for this semester - for tonight there will be some class prep, some test grading, some reading and planning for the classes I get to teach, and some mental freaking out (hey, that doesn't have to be scheduled, but it's fun to anticipate it anyway).  Woot! :D