January 1st, 2008

b/g - in the library

Custom Layouts

me a meglomaniac?  NO!

Here's the updated list of livejournals (users or communities) that I have custom created layouts for:

elizabuffy (her private journal)
summer_of_giles (my Rupert Giles seasonal comm)
spring_with_xan (a Xander Harris seasonal comm)
buffyversetop5 (a recs comm celebrating Btvs works)
our_fic (a fan fic comm for mireille719 & soft_princess)
soft_princess (her private journal)
_xangel (a Xander/Angel shipper comm)
musicatwork (a Tragically Hip lyrics challenge comm)
beegee_icontest (a Buffy/Giles icon comm)
fall_for_spike (a seasonal Spike comm)

and, of course, my own journal, katekat1010

Other websites (non lj based):
Fly With Me, Fanfiction and Artwork by soft_princess
The Other Stuff (my graphics website)
Piek Ric, Fiction by Serafina
Buffy/Giles.net (B/G fiction archive)

updated: 4/01/08
b/g - in the library

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Sweeny Todd!  Our only plan for the day was Sweeny Todd and food.  And luckily the Alamo Drafthouse theatres do both.  Johnny Depp was fantastic.  Helena Bonham Carter was fantastic.  Macabre musicals are fantastic.  The only sad part was having to let Megan drive home that night.