January 15th, 2008

xander - excited

a 2-day retrospective

I am a happy student.  Oh so happy.  That kind of happy that scares other people because I can't keep the smile off my face, even as they're shoving syllabi at me and talking about reading and theory and papers and the like. 

While on a smoke break yesterday Neil, D and I collectively decided that the Masters is the funnest time of study (and yes, I am allowed to use the word, even if it doesn't exist).   I get to take these fantastic classes, I get to write on topics I really want, I don't have comps to study for or jobs to find, and the quality of the content is so much better than undergraduate classes that it's just ... FUN.

That smiling grinning overly excited girl was me yesterday at 11 am in the class I'm auditing - Classical Japanese tales and songs.  Although it's three days a week and I was trying to get out of going up to campus every single day, I think I'll be pulling myself out of bed and into that class.  The only sad part is that it's undergraduate (although upper division), it's probably got about 30 people in the class, and it's going to do nothing for me but be fun (which is why I'm auditing it, instead of taking it for credit).

The next class starts at 6 pm at night, and I managed to be overly enthusastic in that one as well - got the reading done before class (but not the response paper, which is fine, since the prof is reducing the number we have to write), interrupted the professor to talk about the books, and generally had a great time trying to define globalization. 

Today was Asian Horror Film, and to my great delight we're not actually doing the class with the undergrads (we just screen the films with them, again from 6 - 9 pm at night).  And we're reading theory!!  We're actually going to be expected to *write* theory, which is terrifying and thrilling and makes me giddy.  I'm not as completely lost with film as I was afraid I might have been, so that's a great relief.

The only problem is that we actually HAD a screening tonight, on Kuroi ame (Black Rain), so I got home at 9 and I'm pooped.  I have a kanji quiz tomorrow that I have to study for, and an audit class to attend.  It's going to be a full week.  A very full week.