March 28th, 2008

b/g - in the library

snips and snails and kitten tails

Translating for an entire day can tie your brain into knots of subject and objects, yet there's a little bit of a transcendant quality to three pages of text I put into english.  Collapse )

Tuesday jammed itself up.  Collapse )

Midday we got an HD TV!  *pause for consumerist glee*  Collapse )

Afternoon was all about Chan-wook Park, whose movies I want to grope they're so sexy.  It's possible that he's using motherhood in Sympathy for Lady Vengeance to basically domesticate the narrative of the violent and vengeful woman.  On the other hand, he's playing with styles, messing with fairy tales, narrating national traumas, and besides, we all really liked the movie (in the warm fuzzy sense of the word).  Without realizing what I was volunteering for I got to sit through another showing of Juon, and as much as I like talking about the film, this is the third? fourth? time and ... I'm bored now.

Collapse )

That being said, tonight we get FRIENDS!!  Our friends Ryan & Kelly are flying in for the wedding of the year, so we settled down, caught up, and tucked everyone into bed.  It should be a damn fine weekend.