April 12th, 2008

b/g - in the library

friday night, 8 pm, and here we are again my friends

sorry, when in doubt i'm going to go with a list:

  • For the remaining three weeks of the semester my Globalization classes will be held at a local pub.  Bubble & squeak and Cider here I come!
  • Didn't get into one of the summer Japan programs I wanted to go to.  It's one of the top programs, period, so this is ok.  Still waiting for the other program I *really* want to go to (had to send them transcripts from UCSC this week).  Keep fingers crossed. My fingers and toes are completely knotted.
  • My favorite horror movie from this term was definitely Sympathy for Lady Vengeance.  However, my second favorite is probably Fruit Chan's Dumplings, which really must be seen to be experienced.  Seriously.  So the discussion on Tuesday about the film was fantastic.
  • Cavite (Tuesday night's film) was F U C K E D U P.  And I say that on the heels of having watched Dumplings, a movie about Collapse )  And yet, Cavite was still more disturbing, in an entirely different way.
  • I got a Study Abroad Scholarship!  Now if only I can get into a school abroad for this summer.
  • Finished the story I've been translating in one massive push on Wednesday.  I'd been trying to do it since the Friday before, and finally just ... did it.  Sadly I have comments back from my advisor already that I'm afraid to look at.  Soon though.
  • Made it to the class I'm auditing twice this week - of course, one day was filled with an entirely fascinating presentation about the history of the kimono, and another just freakishly interesting pictorial tour of Japanese palaces and shrines (or, at least, some of them).  / sarcasm.  The "history" of the kimono was something I could probably find off of Wikipedia if I looked.  The "pictorial tour" was basically this woman who threw her pictures of her trips to Japan up on the overhead in completely random order, and occasionally remembered to mention that this or that place had been part of our reading.
Collapse )

Fandom-ally (*grin*)
  • summer_of_giles sign ups open on TUESDAY!  And I can't wait to see who signs up.
  • I'm petitioning to move my spring_with_xan date up because seriously, it is HARD to hang onto graphics and not post them.
  • Also, a pimp/woot (and this is kind of fandom-ish in that it's art).  Vivian Dean asked if I would do a cover art for her and Pepper Espinoza's upcoming erotic romance serial Forsaken (they write together under the pen name Jamie Craig).  Not only was it absolutely awesome to actually have someone think of me to do their cover art, i couldn't be more pleased that it was these two women who'd asked.  The teaser for the serial (it gets published on a blog for an entire two months) can be found here if you want to check it out (and you really should!  They're a fantastic writing team).  And here's the artwork itself:

and I think that's far too long, but oh well, it's bullets. I am off to get ice cream ;)