July 15th, 2008

b/g - in the library

gotta write this before i get distracted again

I figured out how Cinderella lost her shoe - if she was anything like me this afternoon, walking up stairs in heels, I only put the front half of my foot on the stair so I don't make that weird clicking noise that heels make on the floors in the Asian Studies office (they're some kind of formica stuff - institutional and easy to clean).  Anyway, feet are warm, slightly sweaty, and one shoe decided it was going to fall off instead of stay on as I was heading up.   I had to go back three steps to grab it.

I've worked, in the last two days, on both jobs for at least 6 hours each day, and probably more like 8.  They conned me into going to the temp agency today for a couple of hours.  I managed to get up to go in on Monday in the nick of time because Neil turned over at a quarter to 8 and asked me if I was going to get up.  Today I wasn't due in until 11, but I managed to get distracted by graphics (for them, mind you, but stuff I could do from home), and didn't leave the *house* till 11.  Then off to the department to turn in my time care for the other job ... had to make it before 5 to get paid properly.  I feel like I've been rushing frantically from one place to the other for longer than just two days.

And last night I decided I was going to push myself to finish projects for the Department, and then do some laundry, and then work on the stuff for the temp agency, and then email my advisor.  I managed to finish most of the stuff for the department, and ended up working up an emergency SOG entry.  At least those two things got done, though.   Before midnight.  That's the good part.  And I finished the temp stuff and started the laundry today.

The part that's amusing (to me) is that I'm leaving in 4 or so days for an entire month, and I'm finding MORE stuff for myself to do than I thought I would last week when I drew up my "I'm going to Japan, what do I need to take care of?" list.  Except none of it is related to my trip -- it's all things I have to get done before I go.  Thus I use my icon sarcastically.