September 25th, 2008


keeping myself to 10 sentences

Mom visit is good, continues until tomorrow, and overall was actually kind of active, what with the visit to Fredericksburg, the gardening plans we have tomorrow, and me dragging her to Uni to check out my classes and my performance.  (1)

I saw Tokyo Gore Police on Tuesday night (after going to my Kaplan class - test prep YAY) and it was not only gorey but kind of funny and fantastic.  Having the director do a Q&A afterwards was adorable and more entertaining ... and I think I actually understood his japanese.  Oh, and I got to ask him about Tetsuo and the dick drill since he had a giant mutated penis gun in his film.  (2, 3, 4)

Wednesday was exhausting but transcendently amazing since our department hosted mock-presentations for those of us doing conferences next month and I ROCKED it OUT (and manage to frighten my audience at the same time).  I dragged Mom and Daria along with and so not only got great feedback from the people there, but got my own private critiques from the family.  (5, 6)

We had ribs last night and I feel like my stomach has expanded two sizes from the food - but it was actually good, so hey, who am I to complain! (7)

I'm running on coffee fumes what with the emotional and mental juggling act of crazy school presentations and adding "hey, I'd like to hang out with my mom" into the mix.  I think I'll be collapsing this weekend.  Find me under the dictionary under over-caffinated heap. (8, 9, 10)

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