November 18th, 2008

b/g - in the library

where am i today?

i have a new perspective on my statement of purpose, which is good since i have to have the first final version due Dec 5th. 

It's getting cold here at night, and while on the one hand I'm so grateful for a break in the odd sun, it makes walking the dog at 10 pm at night a really shiver-inducing experience.  And my glasses fog up.  Sadly the sunny days have sent some pollens or something into overdrive and I'm now on claratin-D (12 hr) to keep myself from being a mouthbreather full time.

fannish projects are all limping along (ha, betcha no one knew i was even doing them!  i'm trying to "illustrate" [possibly graphicize] one of my all time favorite book-length fics, and write something for ruuger's Welcome to the Nancy Tribe ficathon... yes, i am writing fic)

the children (oh, wait, students... no, children is more apt) in the class i TA for continue to be delightful and completely and utterly annoying in turns.  I just had one ask me for an extension on the Zen Buddhism paper because he didn't buy a copy of the book and he and seven other students were fighting over the reserve copies at the library, and "if i could get like a six or seven hour extension and turn it in by 5 tomorrow that would allow me to keep from having to fight somebody for the book. it just doesn't seem very zen like to do that."  I will look back on this and laugh but right now I'm annoyed.  BUY THE BOOK!  It's that simple.