November 25th, 2008

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after next week I'll have cemented my reputation with my fellow students as someone who goes for the weird, the uncomfortable, the sexually bizzare (at least in movies and literature).  I sent out the translation assignments for the book we're reading (at my behest)... a paragraph from page 18 of Kanehara Hitomi's Snakes and Earrings.  Love, tongue-splitting, tattoos, mascochism, and murder!  Oh boy!

that being said there's something really cool about taking your dog on a walk and finally being in complete harmony.  Apparently both she and I prefer techno to anything else for a fast walking beat.

We're getting ready for Turkey Day - Neil did half the hunting tonight (you know, that hunting where you go to the 1st grocery store), and we've started cooking things.  By things I mean Neil started the home-made cinnamon-vanilla ice cream (with real vanilla).  Tomorrow I'll do cranberries and clean something, and Wednesday we'll be doing veggie casseroles and veggie stuffing (we're doing THIS recipe because it made my mouth water when I read it).  There'll be 10 of us total there, which is the biggest dinner we've cooked since we came to Austin.  Not to worry though - we're pros.  Besides, all we really need to do is have enough wine, right?
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tv reportage

i don't think i've ever really done this, but since i'm procrastinating, here's my thoughts on the things I'm watching right now.... (everything behind a cut since I'm potentially spoiling up to most recent eps and being annoyed and probably unpopular)

True Blood Collapse )

Heroes Collapse )

My Own Worst Enemy Collapse )

Friday Night Lights Collapse )

CSI Collapse )

90210 Collapse )

That's all the fiction (that's not in re-run).  If I listed reality shows you'd probably start to wonder how I get homework done.
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statement of purpose update:  it continues to elude me.

paper grading update:  50% done.  I now have a grading "metric".  This includes a base score of 40 points (out of 100) for turning the paper in.  I'm so glad it's the last one

thanksgiving update:  Collapse )