April 5th, 2009

b/g - in the library

wittering (about nothing important at all)

It was a puppy-tastic weekend:  the adoption place where we got Domino has a puppy easter egg hunt every year, and so we hopped in the car with our dirty dog and went to go hunt plastic easter eggs filled with doggie treats.  It's a great way for Domino to visit with other dogs, and we were hoping to see the people who we'd adopted her from there, so they could see how much progress she's made now that we've had her for a year.  Sadly, they weren't there, but they did have someone in an easter bunny costume, so we got a picture taken with them, and it's really cute.  Perfect picture of Domino, if I do say so myself.  She looks a million times healther than she did in her photo from last year.  And on the really fun side she/we hunted down one of the "special" golden eggs that were actually well-hidden (since the rest of the eggs are sort of nestled at the edges of grass borders so the dogs can find them, and usually the dog sniffs at the egg and moves on, and the owner is the one who cracks it open and hands over the treat).  The special eggs are prizes, and we ended up with a basket of doggie treats, some dog shampoo, and a squishy toy.

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This lead to me thinking it was a great idea to wash the dog at home.  Never again.  NEVER AGAIN.  Not that she did all that badly in the bath, but after she got out there was that "getting water off" shake, and she probably sprayed all four bathroom walls and possibly the ceiling.  It is not fun to clean that up after cleaning the dog.  The N & D spent half an hour brushing her wet hair while she was on-leash outside.  I spent the rest of the day combing her hair with a metal comb, trying to get some of her undercoat out.  She looks 5 lbs lighter now, and she's definitely far more pettable, but dear gods.  This is why we take her to the $7 dog wash place - not only do they have endless towels, when she shakes the only thing she gets wet are the floor and us, and we get smocks.

today we did coffee (another trip, car ride and all, that involves doggie fun), and that was good even if I froze way to fast.  But sometimes that happens when the wind is going and it's not exactly super warm.

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And ok, I feel much better just having gotten that out.  Now, back to reading about High and Low and King's Ransom, HAHA!