July 19th, 2009

b/g - in the library

The countdown begins: 10 days till LA

So, so, so, so weird.  But we are moving in 10 days. 

If I repeat it over and over do you think it'll sink in?  We have a ton of packing that we have kind of half started (because we were getting the house ready to sell...), but at least half the arrangements are done for stuff like water and power and the all important internets.  Oh, and hotel reservations for our three-day trek across the southern US.

We've all started getting excited about the new apartment - how we're going to arrange it, what we think we should get to be prepared, if things are going to fit.

But the sad part is trying to remember that it's not just the weekend, it's our second to last weekend living in Austin.  Not that we don't think we'll come back here, but it'll be different.

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