September 18th, 2009

s/x - greek gods

Graphics special offer: calling all of my flist who are S/X authors

I've signed up for fall_for_sx and have an open call for movie posters (since I love doing them and they're not so bad right?)

Anyway, if any of you are interested in having me make a movie poster for your Spike/Xander fic, now's the time to drop your name in! I'll take the first 20 requests to start (and then we'll see). And you don't have to post or be signed up to fall_for_sx to ask for a movie poster, your fic doesn't have to be new, doesn't have to be finished, heck, doesn't have to be started even -- it just has to be Spike/Xander!


b/g - in the library


to everyone who took my silly poll yesterday!  I managed to get laundry done, and get started on the first set of homework, and (as those of you who want to read it know) managed to get some notes for my lit reading done as well). 

And the house is clean!  Which is really quite good because Neil's parents are flying their way down here as we speak.  It's their annaversary, so they're coming to visit for a little vacation and to see our new digs.  Which, if I don't say myself, are looking pretty nice at the moment.  Two days of cleaning will do that to a house.

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