November 18th, 2009

s/x - a quiet moment

fall_for_sx redux: 15 movie posters

I did more than just make icons for fall_for_sx.... what else? movie posters! I can't help these things, I adore them. I've noticed that there are movie poster comms out there now. And I love it! So, addiction, here you go again.  The other best part?  Reading fic I would have never read before (I tend to run screaming from angst or unhappy stuff, even when it's by good writers, because I am a shrinking violet.  And yet some of the most poetic, or haunting fic is written around the characters when they're not in a happy place).

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b/g - in the library

it's really been a whole week?

so much for trying to post more often in the month of November. 

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One of the best parts of this week has been corrupting elizabuffy over to the dark side of American Idol!  Now I have someone to share the joy with, and she agrees that Adam is a pretty awesome sparkly unicorn prince.  I realized I'm definitely a fangirl now because I listened to his album last night and ... deep breath, I can admit this really I can... I liked some of the tracks.  Oh sparkly unicorn prince.  You glittered your way into my ears.

I can't tell if I'm working on a cold or having a severe allergy attack for a couple of days, but either way since Monday my head has been fuzzy, my eyes a little gravely/burning, my chest half-congested, and I've been moderately tired.  It makes gathering the mental energies a very difficult thing.  Except, apparently, for my new media class, where even if I'm not all there I will still manage to dominate the conversation like a loon -- I guess I feel that more is at stake there than in my other classes.  More fun too though.

On the work front I'm heading into the end, and not really quite finding the sense of urgency I need to take care of everything.  So I have this film that I need to watch for my film paper, and some research to do, and an entire new media paper to write, and .... yeah.  Japanese continues to be exactly as it has been - little difficult, mostly entertaining, and definitely no cake walk.  This week is a little annoying as we're doing 'how to order things in restaurants' and so the entire class we talk about food.  It's a good thing I generally have lunch right after.
b/g - in the library

Graphics Offer: Movie Posters....favorite fics edition [closed]

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Ok, so I've just thought of a project and we'll see if it takes off.  I'd like to do some Buffy/Giles movie posters.  I'd love to do some Giles/Spike movie posters.  I'd love to work with any pairing, and in fandoms I'm not totally familiar with. And hmm, maybe some others.  In the past I've offered these to the authors -- now I'm offering them to ... non authors & authors.

Sound weird?  Let me clarify:

Comment with 1 of your favorite fics.  It can be one you've written or one that someone ELSE has written.  I'll make movie posters for them for the holidays (probably xmas holidays, but holidays nonetheless).  They don't have to be new.  They don't have to be old.  I'll definitely post them before xmas so if you want to consider it a comission for a friend whose fic you love, it can be a surprise present from both of us.

The only thing I do ask is that the fic be finished - because I pretty much read the entire work and I have lots of trouble reading WIPs.

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