November 27th, 2009


Thankfulness. And a picspam.

I'm thankful for...

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And now, my pretty pretty turkey day!  We went to the Long Beach Aquarium yesterday (and let me tell you, if you ever want to ditch crowds, GO ON A HOLIDAY.  It was FANTASTIC!  Even though there were some families, there was basically no one there, and we got to linger on exhibits, goof around with everything as long as we wanted, and didn't have to fight to watch any fish.  We took our cameras just in case, and even though it's through the glass, I think I got some decent pictures.  Afterwards we went to a spanish tapas restaurant and had nummy little plates of food until we were stuffed.  The massive plus? No dishes.  And we even had leftovers from dinner!  While they may not make the best turkey sandwiches, manchego cheese garlic mashed potatoes?  MMMMM.

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