December 26th, 2009

b/g - in the library

Merry Christmas! (a day late, but it's the sentiment, right?)

Happy Boxing Day!  Which, while I don't actually 'celebrate' per se, has been spent much like many other boxing days - we haven't done much.

We had a lovely Christmas - low key, low pressure, scrumptious, with a couple of strange contretemps.  Collapse )

And in the grand tradition of Kate & her Mom, we went and saw It's Complicated today (Sherlock Holmes is next, but Monday night) and had a grand time.  My mom is kind of adorable at movies, and we laughed out loud, which is a good sign, even if i wouldn't necessarily say 'oh, go out and watch it!' to anyone who didn't already like that kind of movie.  Steve Martin was pretty awesome in it though, and very understated, which was kind of cool.

Finally though, tomorrow we're going to be frosting Christmas cookies!  And you may be wondering, why do we have Christmas cookies to frost?  Well, because we didn't stress about making a ton of them before christmas... and now we have the leisure to play without the pressure.  I kind of like this whole relaxed holiday thing.  Much easier on the brain ;)

I hope all of you who were celebrating holidays enjoyed them all vastly.  And those who don't celebrate, I hope you all are having lovely weeks and weekends too!